Candy Shop Preview Screen Shot

Candy Shop

Candy Shop screen shot. Candy Shop is our next project who will be an iOS game to start with. And maybe for other platforms later. Our goal is to get this game to the app store. Not so much for the profit. This is for educational purpose, for two young interested souls.

A lot of the functionality is already in place. Some coding still needs to be done, and also some more artwork needs to be created or enhanced.

This will be the main screen in Candy Shop.

candy shop

Hopefully Candy Shop will be released by the end of this year on iOS devices. It would be a nice learning experience for all of us.

After the iOS version is done, we hope to make a web version of it. That will be placed on and at least. Probably newsgrounds too.

Hope to see this downloaded, as it will keep the young ones motived. To learn more about programming, design and creating fun and inspiring games.


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