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Sci Fly iOS

Sci Fly submitted to Google Play Store

For the first time, I have submitted a game or app to Google play before the Apple App Store. The game itself is a 2d top-down spaceship game. No shooting, just flying to avoid burning…

Secret Ninja Garden

Secret Ninja Garden Preview

Secret Ninja Garden is a place where you train ninja dodging shurikens. You start off with four characters at the bottom, all ninja. Your task is to prevent them from being knocked out by shurikens. A shuriken…

triangle colour game

Triangle Colour Game

Play a challenging colour matching game “Triangle Colour Game”. “Triangle Colour Game” is very easy to play the game with amazingly easy to use interface. Just tap the screen on the right or the left…

Radio FM

Internet radio app for the Norwegian radio channels. The channel list contains 85+ Norwegian radio channels. Norway closed down all nationwide radio broadcasts on FM. Only local radio channels are still broadcasting on the FM frequencies….

le ninja

Le Ninja Released on App Store

Play the most challenging ninja jumping game “Le Ninja”. “Le Ninja” is very easy to play game with amazing easy to use interface. Just tap on the screen to jump either to left or right….

material circle

Material Circle Game

Stay inside the white area, as the circle get smaller for each time you tap. In Material Circle you tap the screen to change direction of your circle. Either the circle goes inwards or outwards,…

Pop the bank

Pop the bank preview

Pop the bank preview Pop the bank is about to be submitted to the Apple App Store. The goal of Pop the bank is to break into a bank safe. Advance in level as your…

Neon Flip

Neon Flip

Neon Flip is a variant of a Gravity Run or Gravity Flip game. In Neon Flip there is kind of a space theme, with space ships flying alongside of neon beams. The get points and…