Le Ninja re-released on Apple App Store

Don’t leave your games on the App Store for years without update if you want to keep them on the App Store. Just over a month ago, I received a mail from Apple saying there were going to remove Le Ninja from the App Store due to not being updated for the last three years. Well, that was true. The old Le Ninja was kind of ugly too and was one of my first projects using Swift and Xcode. Because of that, it was never released to Google Play.

Anyway, I had created a new version of Le Ninja with better graphics and better gameplay with Unity for the reason to release it on Google Play. I was meant to replace the iOS version too but never got too it during the summer. Always something else going on.

So about a month after I got the first mail from Apple, I got a new mail saying Le Ninja had now been removed. I had a 30 day grace period. So time to get to it. Since this new version was made in Unity it only took a few days to convert to iOS. The day after I uploaded it to App Store I got a new mail again from Apple. This time with good news. Your update has been approved!

New vs old version

The old version of Le Ninja.
New version of Le Ninja
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