Roid Runner released by Corenety

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Roid Runner

Roid Runner

Roid Runner has been released on, and Roid Runner is an modernised clone of the old Atari game from 1979, Asteroids. One of the differences to the original game, except from the graphics, is that in this version you don’t die on first impact with an asteroid. You have a health status starting at 100% and you lose health depending on how long your impact with the asteroids are. Another difference is that you start with one big asteroid, that divide into 3 medium size asteroid which divide into 3 small asteroids each. On each new level, one big asteroid gets added and the difficulty increases for each level.

The controls is keyboard only. You use left and right arrow key to turn the ship. Forward key to accelerate and back key to decelerate/reverse. Accelerating and decelerating has some inertia to it, to mimic the original game, and a space atmosphere. Turning have no intro to it, was that made Roid Runner to hard to control. The first version of Roid Runner has inertia implemented, but that was to difficult to control the ship.

Next version of Roid Runner might contain power ups. Some ideas for power ups came up after the modified version was uploaded to newgrounds. The last version of the game do contain a top score board hosted by So why not take a shot at first place. At the moment it doesn’t take much to make it in there.

If you would like a copy of this game on your website, please feel free to contact me. The game file is relativly small. Just about 15MB. Leave a message here on the board, or send me a pm. You can also send me an email at ronny(at)corenety(dot)com

Here is some screenshots of the game.


Roid Runner


Roid Runner

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