Secret Ninja Garden Preview

Secret Ninja Garden

Secret Ninja Garden is a place where you train ninja dodging shurikens. You start off with four characters at the bottom, all ninja. Your task is to prevent them from being knocked out by shurikens. A shuriken will knock your ninjas out. If a shuriken hit a knocked out ninja it is game over. It doesn’t matter how many ninjas you have left.

Being a bit different from most other ninja games, this is almost like a ninja school. Try to survive as long as possible. Shurikens will be thrown in random order at your ninja warriors. Your task in Secret Ninja Garden is to protect your ninjutsu masters from shurikens. Tap them before they hit all ninja or knocked out ninjas. And train to be a real ninja shuriken dodging master.

This game was released on iOS about two years ago. You can find it here:

Soon I hope this will be released for Google Play as well.

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