World of Warships Overview released on App store

World of Warships Overview

World of Warships Overview was released on Apple App store today. So far it is only available on iOS. And it optimised for iPhone and iPod. The app is free of charge.

The link to the app on app store is here:

World of Warships Overview

This is an overview of the ships in the game World of Warships. It is not the game.

With this app you will quickly get useful information about your own ship and your enemies ship. Information like gun range, torpedo range and detection ranges. It might be the information needed to pick the right fightes and where to not rush into a 1 vs 1.

With this assistant to World of Warships you might get a upper hand on your opponents. Quickly getting the information you need while assessing battles on the fly in game.

This App is not created or affiliated with the creators or licensors of the game World of Warships. We are not associated with the owners of World of Warships in any way.

For more information about World of Warships, please visit their website at

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